Atelier OMOYA

Atelier OMOYA is a creative group consisting of several artists. Since 2003 the group named as such, because the atelier of the group has been based on the building which formerly used as living space of ower family at the public bath (The space called “OMOYA” in Japanese) to start art activity. Although Taro Suzuki, the representitive of the group, always in the center, the members change flexibly to pursue new possibily to art depends on the projects.


“In the moment when waterdrops become something different from the waterdrops were, or marbles turn into something different from the marbles originally were, our artwork will be born.”

Atelier OMOYA reconstructs a nature or physical phenomenon surround us in daily life, such as light, water or the movement of a creature, and re-create them into art which gives surprise. We wish to create new and emotional experience by seeing and touching the Atelier OMOYA’s work. That is the difficult but pure wish from our heart.